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Social Media Activation and Optimization Services

Social Media Optimization refers to the process of seeking to achieve exposure and gain traffic through the social media networks. Leveraging your business through social media is a smart business decision which if implement correctly can greatly improve its performance.

Why Embrace Allen Cole Social Media Optimization Services?

Given the explosion of the social sphere, every business that hopes to retain their competitive advantage online should establish its presence in the various social media platforms.

Though Content is said to be King, Community is Queen, it is by building a vibrant community around a brand through social interactions can help you increase visibility.

Our services are aimed at helping you to not only gain online presence but also build relationships using the digital channels. We nurture these social interactions to grow a community around your brand.

Our Social Media Marketing and optimization services at Allen Cole are designed to help you engage in conversations happening between you and your clients. We will show you where people are talking about you and how you can best get involved, making this process very natural and helps to increase brand awareness in the market.

We also identify which social media channels are most suitable for your business, then aim at building human interaction on the social sphere. This interaction includes sharing of content such as articles, mini blogs, images, videos and audio.

The Process:-

  •  Social Media Audit

We start by carrying out a detailed analysis of how your site is faring presently across the social networks. Using these results we are then able guide you on the opportunities and gaps available in your niche.

  •  Social Media Marketing Strategy:

For a social media marketing strategy to work, you must know where to start and map out where to go and how to get there. We assess your social media needs, list opportunities available and recommend both short term and long term actions for a successful social media campaign.

  • Guidelines

Have you already identified where you want to go with social media? We can help you set up guidelines and implement them to ensure best practices and integrity of your brand remain intact as you navigate the complex world of digital interaction.

  • Competitive Analysis

Who is your competition? What kind of a job are they doing online and how do you compete? We will help you identify what your competitor is doing then help you implement tactics to claim your market share.

  • Social Profile Creation

Allen Cole Social Media Marketing services include helping you create your own social media profile which will help you stamp your presence in the social sphere.

  • Blog Setup and Integration

A blog is a vital tool in building social interaction online. A properly setup blog on the best blogging platform will guarantee you the desired exposure. By integrating a blog into your existing corporate website and optimizing it for search engines, then success is inevitable.




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