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When I first saw this heading “The 7 Side Effects Of Social Media”, the first thought was, do i have to plan to get medication since most side effects are usually negative. To my relief,  Shea Bennett in this post highlights the positive effects of a well managed Social media campaign which include:- 

  1. Increase communication with clients
  2. Drive traffic to your site
  3. Remind your prospects of your brand
  4. Improve your online influence
  5. Reach the friends of your clients and prospects with your message
  6. Inform your audience of specials in real time
  7. Increase your SEO ranking

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This is best represented in an infographic











To experience these effects fully, you have to intentionally invest in both time and resources.  Like Shea shares, engagement on social media is a full time job which unless you have nurtured community around your to continue with social engagement in your absence you do not have the luxury of taking time off.

As you engage on social media, aim at growing a community in which you not only contribute actively but also one in which your message is continuously shared even in your absence.