Getting found online in KenyaGetting found online in Kenya is a daunting task for most businesses.

Think about it, can anyone browsing the net searching for the services and products you offer find your website? Or will they end up in your competitors website from where they will place their orders.

This being the digital age and consumer behaviors changing, every business hoping to engage online  needs to have some web presence. Clients are becoming more technology savvy and are relaying more on the internet before they make their decisions.  Having a website may be the basic step to online presence but is it enough? Definitely not, if you have a website and no one can find find then you are as good as not having a website at all.

Your website should be found in search engines searches such as Google, Bing, Ask. Yahoo etc. In addition the social media platforms are playing a big role in influencing consumer spending. Does your company have any presence there? What about the blogosphere, does your organization have a business blog which engages your clients or through which you are to provide valuable resources to your clients?


Getting Found Online in Kenya: Search Engines

Lets start by finding out how search engines work, since they are the ones web users to post search phrases in to get certain results.These are what is called organic or natural searches.

There are also paid searches in which businesses pay the search engine companies such as Google to have their business websites listed in a paid list. These lists are then advertised whenever there is a search in their niche and have their websites found in searches in their niche – Pay Per Click is  one of those paid listings.

Organic searches are much better not only because they are free but also because they are more like to get click on by web users. Statistics stand at 75% of internet users click on natural search to 25% of paid listing.

Search engines rank web pages according to how relevant the content is to search terms used by internet users.This then means if you do not have content on your website that search engines can equate to the searches by web users hence it  will never be found. You may however reason that you have adequate content on your website on your company profile and products. My question to you would then be, when was this content posted, 5years ago when the website was built?

Such content that was published when the site was created has since become obsolete. Search engines look for web pages with the latest information pertaining to a specific topic.

Nuggets to Getting Found Online in Kenya

When you have a marketing strategy that includes online marketing, you want to be found by prospective clients. You want your website not only attracting visitors but also converting these leads to sales. Let us look at some things you ought to do to get found.

  • Identify keywords or search phrases that web users are typing to look for your services or products and incorporate them your articles.
  • Create accounts in the social media platforms popular in your region and business niche. This allows you to hang out where your clients are and engage with them.
  • Integrate a blog in your website –  allows you to constantly publish content, thus become a thought leader in your niche. Search engines love this.
  • A blog also acts as an interaction platform between you and your clients, they can leave comment or question which you can address to and continuously engage their concerns.
  • Introduce a newsletter sign up system – Have you clients sign up for constant communication from you on matters that are of their interest
  • An SEO’d website is also vital just as optimized content is.

As technology continues to dictate the way we do business online, businesses have to conform, and getting found online in Kenya is a sure way of ensuring that this happens.

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