Internet for business in KenyaImagine waking up one day and there was no internet connectivity, not on your computer, your phone, none, no internet for business in Kenya!!  And not because your local internet provider is down, just no internet…

Some of us have lived those days, heck in my high school days there was no internet – (in the 80’s least you are wondering). Remember those days of” Africa online” and the e-touch shops where 1 minute to surf the net was pegged at Kshs.50 – 100/- depending on which part of town you were in?

This was in the early 1990’s; a lot has changed since then. I bet you cannot picture going through one day without going to Facebook or Twitter, your blog, your email either through your phone or the many tech devices available nowadays. There are statistics showing that 1 minute out of every 8 is spent on Facebook.

Is this true for your business, or do you only utilize the internet for social only. How far has internet for business in Kenya changed since the early 90’? Is there any really value that the internet has added to businesses in Kenya?

The Value of Internet for Business in Kenya

At Allen Cole, we spend 18 out of 24 hours in a day doing business online. For us if there was no internet, ice age would be so real. Our business in built around the World Wide Web, we don’t know any better, thus is our livelihood.

Can you say the same for your business? Most businesses in Kenya do not view the internet as a business tool but a distraction at their place of work, “a necessary evil”.

Internet for Business in Kenya has not found it proper place especially in the board rooms. In my opinion ignoring the value of internet for business is a suicide mission for any company or organization be it large, non-profit making or a one man show. The internet is here to stay and let’s face it the reality, it is influencing our lives every day.

More and more of our clients current and future are depending more on what they read from social media channels, blogs and corporate websites to make decision on where to spend their money, every day. Our children by the age of 5 years can operate a computer or a laptop or your phone and access net (from experience my son is 5 years and he knows how to work a laptop, connect Safaricom modem, use Firefox, search on Google for BEN 10 games and bookmark these sites).

What business are you in? Better still why are you in business? If you cannot embrace the fact that the internet for business in Kenya is the best marketing tool you have, please close shop and call it a day, you will not survive much longer.

Internet for Business in Kenya as a Marketing Tool

Most businesses in Kenya have basic websites. These were set up the day the company got its’ registration certificate, since then no updates have been done; actually no one even within the organization visits the website. Yet the company has grown from a one desk/ 2 staff operation to ten office/ 50 plus employees organization, and at this point making no use of internet for business in Kenya.

One fact that is true about all profit making businesses is they are always looking for ways to improve their bottom like and keep the running costs at manageable levels. The marketing budget though always gets the biggest share no matter how badly the company is doing financially. The simple reason being, we are all looking up to this department to keep us afloat.

So why not embrace the internet for business in Kenya as one of those marketing strategies. The advantages of using the internet out weights every other option you have on the table. With the internet you will be able to identify where your clients are hanging out, what they are looking for in your industry and what they are saying about your competitors.  Is there a better way to get insider information?

Your plan should be to hang your posters in these hangout joints, send those sexy looking sales ladies to spread the word and prove that you are better than the competition. On the internet all these are possible through your websites and getting involved in social media as a company. This will take you where your prospects are hanging out and help you build trust with them and eventually win them over to convert them into buying from you. This way you will have started to realize the true value of internet for business in Kenya.

Internet for Business in Kenya: Change your Organizational Culture

Most companies have block staff from accessing the social media platforms from the office net. In some organizations’, staff have no internet access at all. My concern here would be who will act as your brand ambassadors if those people who know it best are not allowed to talk about it?

It is in vain for a business to hang all its’ hope on a few sales and marketing guys, why not get everyone involved without changing their job descriptions. Your employees have friends on Facebook and Twitter, why not let them talk about your brand with their friends on the company’s’ Facebook page or re-tweet a post from the company’s blog to their followers on Twitter.

Remember, we buy from people we trust. We trust our friends and base our finally decisions especially when buying products or services on their experience with the same or similar products. Internet for business in Kenya should create similar trust between you and your clients.

So maybe it is time to rethink that organization culture and really embrace real engagement, start using internet for business in Kenya to your advantage.

It sound so easy doesn’t it? It is not but as we say “nothing good comes easy”, internet for business in Kenya can be your reality. Contact us on email: for customized solution to make your business explore the full potential of internet for business in Kenya.