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Website management in Kenya is rarely considered as an essential task in an organization. You will find that once the decision has been reached by the top brass in an organization to have a corporate website, no one takes the time to consider what the role of that website should be or the value it should bring in to the organization.

This is unfortunate considering the amount of resources allocated to developing such a website. While looking at website management in Kenya, I will explain why it is of utmost important to have a working website in this day and age.

Website Management in Kenya: Development of a Good Website

Gone are the days in which all an organization, whether profit-making or non- government organization in Kenya had to do is have a static website on the internet.  More website management in Kenya is required as technology evolves and the needs of the consumers change. Organizations are finding that they  need to invest more time and resources to boost  their web presence.

Developing a good website is the first step to increasing such web presence. In order to have such a website:-

Identify the need of the website: Why do you want to develop a website? Without first identifying the need for developing a website, then you will lose out on realizing the value that website can bring to the organization.

Assign functionality: A website is a tool and until you allocate a function to it, it will be as good as having none. This will also entitle identifying and allocating human resource to utilize this tool.

Plot the site structure: In website management in Kenya, you may not be an IT guru but this website will represent your corporate image online so with the help of a website developer, take an active role in planning the structure of the website.

Identify content: What content do you want to have in your website? Once the structure of the website is complete, you have to fill in the blanks with content. So develop content that informs, educates and markets your corporate brand online.

Website Management in Kenya: Features of a Functional Website

Every corporate website in Kenya should have certain features which boosts it’s functionality. Over and above the home page, which in this case should form the introduction on who your brand is. It should also educate internet users on what to expect as they engage with your website.

In website management in Kenya there are other structures which every functional website should have, these include:

An about page: This should have a brief description of the identity of the brand, values, mission statement and vision.

Services/products: Take time to detail your products or services and their benefits, availability, core features and applications.

Contact us page: Should have all your contacts physical address,telephone numbers including mobile (which are operational), email address (which should be active) and social media identities – Skype, Twitter handle, Facebook  .i.d etc.

Corporate blog integration: Link your corporate website to a corporate blog, the value is irrefutable vital to the entire website management in Kenya.

The Role of Website Management in Kenya

Website management in Kenya as a service plays an important role in ensuring that organizations realize as ROI from their websites.It is basically all about keeping websites vibrant and up to date with the latest technological tools,  content and creating the much-needed visibility with both the search engines and the online community.

The value of such a service as website management in Kenya can only be realized when organizations embrace a website as a communication and marketing tool.