Market Your Business Online in KenyaDo you already market your business online in Kenya? The internet has become a vital communication tool for both business and social interactions. But this is not all it is used for, everyday we discover news ways in which we can use the internet.

The internet has opened new markets for businesses across the world. As long as you have internet connection, then you can buy and sell products/services from any corner of the world. So how then do you exposure your business to this global marketplace?

Initial Steps to Market Your Business Online in Kenya

As a business, you already have identified  a need/gap in the market and are providing services and products to address this need. Therefore you have a niche market.

The first step is to start by having web presence. Create an online platform form which your company can engage the rest of the world. A website in Kenya should be the starting point. Once you have set up a functional website, then identify the competitive your niche market is online. Who are you going up against as you market your business online in Kenya.

It is important to note at this juncture, it is not how big your competition is in terms of their financial muscle or the hordes of employees they have on their payroll, but how effective their marketing campaign online is.

I would like to point out that the most successful businesses online are not the ones with the fat bank accounts. This is where I love the internet, it leverages every business and offers equal opportunities to all businesses whether sole proprietorship or multinationals.

Once you know who your competition is, then find out the search terms or keywords which users of internet in Kenya are using to find your kind of products/services.

Tools to Help You Market Your Business Online in Kenya

So far, I have explained how to get started in marketing your business online, lets look at tools which will come in hardy once you embark on inbound marketing in Kenya.

  • A Website

As I mentioned earlier, a website is a must have for any business online in Kenya and across the world. This is regardless of whether it is a financial powerhouse, geographical location or/and ownership.

  • Social Media in Kenya

Social media  is used predominantly for social interaction but did you know you can effectively use it as a business tool. Facebook and Twitter in Kenya are widely used to keep up with social trends. So why not use the same platforms to keep your clients updated on the happenings in your niche market.

Engage your clients on social media platforms where they are already comfortable and they will be your online ambassadors. They will also help you improve on your products or service provision if you allow them, which you should.

  •  A Corporate Blog in Kenya

Blogging in Kenya is one of those practices which is truly misunderstood by corporate world, yet investing in a corporate blog is a vital move to sustain marketing efforts online. The normal website without a blog is just like a catalog since it contains no new information .

Unlike a blog which has to be constantly updated with posts based on what the company/business wishes to share with its clients. Hence forming a community around the brand.

Every business seeks to improve its bottom line through various marketing efforts to increase its sales. Market your business online in Kenya to take advantage of this vast platform.