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Every business is seeking to gain advantage over its competitors, developing a formidable presence online is one sure way to gain this competitive edge. This is more true now than ever before as we are doing business with a customer who is digital savvy. Hence Digital Branding and Marketing is a must for every business today no matter its capital base.

In a bid to provide a solution for start-ups and SME’s, we have put together a “Digital Branding and Marketing Starter Pack”. This is aimed at giving clients a wholesome solution to launch their online presence.

This starter pack includes:-

  • Domain name
  • Hosting package for 1 year
  • Corporate Emails Accounts
  • Company Logo
  • An interactive and responsive Website – Tailor made to suit a client’s need
  • Corporate Blog
  • Branded social media profiles/pages
  • Newsletter setup and 1 branded Newsletter
  • 2 blog posts – Industry related
  • 1 month free – Social Media Optimization

A website should be more than soft copy brochure, a marketing tool and your brand ambassador online. It should also be a communication platform for both the organization and its clients. And should form a basis through which a company will not only showcase its products and services but also establishes itself as a market leader in its niche.

We propose to help you achieve this by developing an interactive and responsive website, which is easily accessible by clients, current and prospective through their smart phones, laptops and through organic searches online.

We will also set up social media pages for the brand and integrate them to the website. These are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. We will further brand these pages to have the same feel and look as that of the website.

On Social Media Optimization, we will marry the company’s business goals to the desired outcome from using social media as a marketing and communication tool. In consultation with the client, we will :-

  • Establish an inbound marketing strategy
  • Establish and brand inbound marketing channels
  • Set up listening devices to monitor conversations online
  • Identify and utilize appropriate keywords
  • Creating content for the blog and social media channels
  • Establish conversation on social media in line the client’s events calendar and activities

For more on the Digital Branding and Marketing Starter Pack for SME’s, contact Pauline on +254722483423/[email protected]

Digital Branding and Marketing Starter Pack for SME’s