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Corporate blogging in KenyaSince the recent BAKE Bloggers Awards, function I have seen many articles written about corporate blogging in Kenya which is similar referred to as business blogging. These articles contain the same message to the business world, “Corporate blogging is here to stay, get on it or get left behind.” So I might as well join the band wagon.

There has been this notion in Kenya that blogging is the preserve of a few. This is very far from the truth, blogging is for everyone who has some opinion and is willing to share it with the rest of the world. In business however, it has become a vital marketing tool.

Why Start Corporate Blogging in Kenya?

Every business whether online or not looks for ways to develop or nature closer relationships with it’s existing and prospective clients . A corporate blog is one way of encouraging a two way communication between businesses in Kenya and their clientele.

Corporate blogging in Kenya should be treated as an important marketing tool. It is a long term asset to a business. It is through blogging that a company can be able to establish itself as a thought leader in their niche market.

People like associating themselves with companies or brand which seem to have all the answers or is an authority in it’s area of business. By constantly providing information about a particular niche, a company looks more knowledgeable than it’s competitors.

There is no better way of receiving feedback from clients than through a blog. Corporate blogging in Kenya accords businesses an opportunity to find out whether the products and services they are offering are satisfying their clients.

How Does Corporate Blogging in Kenya Benefit your Business?

Other than the reasons I have listed above , corporate blogging in Kenya can be equally beneficial to a business.

  • Blogging comes in handy in SEO ranking. The more articles a business publishes in its corporate blog in Kenya, the more pages will get index by the search engines, giving them more pages to display during organic searches.
  • Once a business engages in corporate blogging in Kenya, it builds trust with its clients through constant engagement.
  • Become a problem solver for your clients. By identifying the biggest problem that your clients may be facing and providing a practical solution in a detailed blog post, makes you a reliable source of solutions for them.
  • A corporate blog allows you to draw your readers attention to particular pages in your website,that you would like to pay more attention by Introducing a “call to action”(CTA). These pages can be such as an upcoming seminar, a new product or to download a free service. This introduces the aspect of buying to your readers.

How to Make Corporate Blogging  in Kenya Effective

  • Constant publishing
  • Optimizing content
  • Make articles keyword rich
  • Address client needs instead of pushing sales pitches

Engaging in corporate blogging in Kenya is essentially a “must do” for all business looking to stay ahead of their competitors.