A Well managed website in KenyaWhat is a well- managed website in Kenya, you may ask? Look around the internet, visit your competitors website, is it better than your company’s? Now go back to your website, do you like what you see? Does it reflect your professionalism, or business success, better still what is the first impression it has on your visitors?

For every business website in Kenya these are some of the questions need to be addressed. To many of us setting up a website is the first thing we rush to do as soon as we have a business idea. Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with setting up a website for every business idea you have. My concern is more of motive, what do you want the website to do for you and have you thought about the management of this website.

Why Set up a Website in Kenya?

Let us examine some of the motives behind setting up a website in Kenya. Truth be told marketing has for a long time being the very last thing on our goal list when setting up websites, especially corporate websites.

Most websites in Kenya have been developed just so that an organization can have a “www” to refer to in conversations and also to have a corporate email address. This is however changing with more companies realizing that a website is more than just ornamental but a marketing tool.

When setting up a website in Kenya, plan for it and just like you plan when acquiring a business asset, do the same with the website. It will cost you money first to buy the domain name, then hosting and finally developing it. How will it pay back this money, what your ROI (Return on Investment)?


5 Top Benefits of a Well Managed Website in Kenya

As you think about ROI, it should then dawn on you, that for this to happen, then the website has to be functionally. Meaning you have to look for ways and means to make your website in Kenya work by managing it right.

A well-managed site has enormous benefits to the company, these include:  –

  1. 1.       A true reflection of the company professionalism and business success online
  2. 2.       Up to date content in a website creates confidence and trust with customers
  3. 3.       Creates a community buzz around the brand
  4. 4.       Engages with customers through constant posting of content
  5. 5.       Increases sales due to higher flow of traffic to the website in Kenya, hence higher leads and conversion rate.

How to Maintain Well Managed Website in Kenya

Given all the above benefits, how then can a company maintain a well-managed website in Kenya? Most companies’ find it challenging allocate resource dedicated to managing the website. This can also be a case of lack of knowledge or trained personnel on how to keep the website up to date in terms of technology and content.

So why not engage experts to manage the website on your behalf? Outsourcing a task comes in very handy especially if it is not your core business. Just like companies outsource services such as cleaning, security, logistics etc., so should managing your website in Kenya.

For more on managing your website in Kenya, email us at info@allencole.biz, we look forward to working with you, to convert your website into an effective marketing tool in Kenya.