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Side Effects of Social Media

When I first saw this heading "The 7 Side Effects Of Social Media", the first thought was, do i have to plan to get medication since most side effects are usually negative. To my relief,  Shea Bennett in this post highlights the positive effects of a well managed...

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Insights on Website Management in Kenya

Website management in Kenya is rarely considered as an essential task in an organization. You will find that once the decision has been reached by the top brass in an organization to have a corporate website, no one takes the time to consider what the role of that...

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Can You Make Money From Real Online Jobs?

Am sure you have come across an advertisement about online jobs. Since the advent of the internet, there has been growing trend to move jobs to online platforms. This trend is not just for individuals but corporates as well. However you would have to be careful not to...

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Tips on Online Brand Management in Kenya

With the growing reliance on the internet for commerce, online brand management in Kenya has become necessary. You have probably heard of a business complaining of suffering injury because of a bad online presence. It’s therefore imperative that whether you are an...

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